A Few CPAP Supplies That You Should Stock Up On

A Few CPAP Supplies That You Should Stock Up On

13 March 2020
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If you use a CPAP machine at night when you sleep, it's important to make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies so that you can keep your CPAP machine up and running properly. If you are new to using a CPAP machine or if you have just never really stocked up on supplies before, you might not be sure of what to purchase. These are a few examples of the different CPAP supplies that you should think about stocking up on.

Cleaning Wipes

First of all, it is very important to keep your CPAP machine clean and sanitary. Otherwise, you could put yourself at risk of getting sick. Plus, using a dirty CPAP machine probably will not be a very pleasant or relaxing experience in the evenings.

Of course, although it's important to clean your CPAP machine regularly, it's also important to ensure you don't damage it when doing so. Submerging your machine in water or using the wrong cleaning supplies could seriously damage your machine.

To make cleaning your CPAP machine quick and easy, consider buying special cleaning wipes that are designed for use with these machines. If you stock up now, you will have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand later, and you will be able to conveniently and effectively clean your CPAP machine without damaging it.


Your CPAP filters are there to filter out the air so that it is safe and clean for you to breathe. If you don't change out your filters frequently enough, then the quality of the air that you are breathing in throughout the night could be affected. This is a good reason to consider buying filters in bulk so that you can keep extras close at hand.

Hoses and Tubing

In order for your CPAP machine to work as it is supposed to, you have to have the proper hoses and tubing for your machine. Additionally, you should swap out your tubing regularly to ensure that you always have good-quality, clean tubes in place. Make sure that you choose tubing that will work properly with your machine, and buy a few extras so that you can keep them on hand.

Padded Liners

Many people struggle to sleep comfortably when they are first getting used to their CPAP machines. If this is the case for you, you should try some of the different padded liners that are available. Once you find padded liners that you like, you may want to purchase them in bulk. Then, you can change them often for cleanliness and comfort, and you will not have to worry about running out.