Gasket Containers — Secure Storage For Medical Specimens And Equipment

Gasket Containers — Secure Storage For Medical Specimens And Equipment

26 May 2023
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Gasket containers can be used to store blood samples, first aid supplies, and other important medical materials. For example, you can shop for medical sealed transport containers that contain safety latches. Then, use some pointers to assist with storing and transporting the containers.


Containers that feature a gasket are watertight. The rubber gasket will form a seal that will ensure that air or moisture does not enter the container. Some container products may contain slots or built-in dividers. These types of containers can be used to organize medical specimens or medical equipment that will be stored within the containers.

A storage container that is translucent will provide the opportunity to see what is inside of the container, without needing to open it. This will ensure that the integrity of the items stored in the container remains intact.

Your Preferences

Shop for gasket containers that are sold through a business that sells medical-grade equipment. Review the size of various containers.

Inspect the dimensions, gasket design, and latch style that containers feature. The gasket will form a seal that will protect items that are stored in a container, however, the latch style is equally important. The latch should snap securely over the lid and container. This will prevent a container from opening while it is actively being transported.

Labeling The Containers

After you purchase medical containers, determine which products will be stored in each one.

You may want to use some of the containers to store materials that will be kept within your medical facility. These containers can be used to store gauze, bandages, ointment, and other first-aid materials. The containers that will be kept at your place of business can be stored on shelves or in a utility closet.

The remaining containers can be used solely for transport purposes.

Labeling the containers will identify what types of products are in the containers. The labels can also be used to display the name of your business and contact information that a transport driver may need access to.

Affix a waterproof label to each container. Add pertinent details to each label. 

Transporting The Containers

Fill the containers as needed and stack them in a safe spot where your transport driver will be able to access them. Once all of the medical specimens or other materials are categorized and stored, schedule a time to have the materials picked up from your place of business. Count up the containers and prepare a list that outlines what types of materials are being transported.