Recycle X-Rays For Cash

Recycle X-Rays For Cash

2 July 2020
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With X-ray film recovery, you can recycle your old X-rays and receive compensation for them. If you are unfamiliar with this process, then you will find common questions and their answers here:

Can you really recycle old X-rays?

Yes, you really can recycle your old X-rays and receive money for them. The amount you get back will be determined by a number of things, with one of those factors being whether you are recycling your X-rays with or without the jacket. You will likely receive even more compensation if you recycle them with the jacket they came in. 

How is the amount determined?

X-rays are paid for using a system that is called the 'spot pay' system. The amount that you get for yours will be determined by weighing the X-ray and using its weight in order to determine how much silver it has in it. This weight will then be paid out at the amount that silver is currently going for. You also may be interested in knowing that older X-rays tend to have more silver in them, so you can expect to get more for the older X-rays that you have recycled. 

Can the X-rays be picked up or shipped?

If your facility is located in an area that is close to the place you have chosen to recycle them with, then you may be able to have them picked up. Also, some of the companies will set it up so your X-rays can be picked up nationwide and then be shipped directly to them. You want to set up the pickup by letting it be known how much of a load you are going to be having recycled. You can set up to have the X-rays shipped to the facility on your own if you prefer. But you want to talk to the facility to find out what their protocol is on this and how to prepare them the way the facility wants. 

What are some of the benefits that come with recycling X-rays?

One of the benefits that come with recycling X-rays is that you will be able to get fair compensation for something that was just taking up room in your facility. Once they have been recycled, you can put that room to better use. You will also be able to receive compensation in return, which is much better than paying for them to be destroyed.

To learn more, contact an X-ray film recycling center.