Parts And Accessories To Keep Your CPAP Machine Working And Comfortable

Parts And Accessories To Keep Your CPAP Machine Working And Comfortable

7 January 2021
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For people that use CPAP machines at night to combat sleep apnea and breathing issues, keeping the device clean and ready to go is essential. The CPAP supplies you need can vary by machine, but having all the accessories and supplies you need is critical. 

Cleaning Supplies

One of the biggest concerns that come with CPAP machines is keeping them clean. A machine that is neglected can cause severe problems for the user, so it is crucial that you clean the tubing, the mask, and the machine regularly. Mold, mildew, and bacteria are among the things that can develop in the machine, and if you are using it without cleaning it, you are breathing all those things in while you sleep.

If you notice a smell of mildew in the mask, you need to clean the system before using it. You may also find that you develop a cough or that your lungs become irritated if you are neglecting the cleaning of the machine and the CPAP accessories. CPAP supplies are not hard to find, and accessories like a cleaning brush for the tubing and bulk cleaning and sanitizing solutions make it easy to keep things clean and ready for use. 

CPAP accessories like a sanitizer that cleans the mask and tubing automatically are a little more expensive. Still, for people with limited mobility or who would rather not have to break down and clean their device, they can be an excellent option. Most of the automatic systems require you to put the mask in it when you take it off, and the cleaner then deodorizes and sanitizes the mask, tubing, and chambers in the CPAP machine for you. 

Replacement Parts

If you have a CPAP machine that needs some new parts or a CPAP accessory, there are many places to find these items. Often, the medical supplier that sold the machine to you will carry parts and accessories for it, and there are many websites that sell parts and accessories as well. 

If you know what kind of machine you have and are comfortable searching online, you can often find your CPAP accessories cheaper, but it is critical that you double-check what you are buying so you get the right parts. 

Often, things like longer tubing can be beneficial for people who toss and turn a lot at night, and chinstraps, headgear, or a special mask that will stay in place better can help ensure that your CPAP stays in place as you sleep. Filters and other replaceable items that you need regularly are often less expensive online, but make sure you are getting the right filters for your specific machine.