Compression Sleeves That Contain Multiple Chambers

Compression Sleeves That Contain Multiple Chambers

18 January 2021
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Lymphedema is caused by damage to lymphatic vessels, which often occurs after cancer treatments. Lymph is a colorless fluid that drains through the bloodstream. If lymphedema is detected, swelling in the arms or the legs may become evident. This is due to a blockage. To counteract this condition, a doctor may recommend that a four-chamber compression sleeve is worn daily or at specific times.

How A Garment Works

Compression therapy involves adding a binding around an affected body part, resulting in a reduction in swelling. The flow of fluids will be directed away from the area where they originally accumulated and a wearer will be able to move the affected body part in an easier fashion and will likely experience less discomfort.

Compression garments may contain a single chamber or multiple chambers. A garment is typically constructed of nylon and may be coated with polyurethane. Each piece of a four-chamber compression sleeve will be activated with a bio compression pump. When activated, the pump will press and relax against each fabric covering. The constant movement will aid with improving blood flow and keeping swelling to a minimum. Compression garments include leg and arm bindings, gloves, support bras, and vests. 

The Proper Fitting And Care Techniques

Compression garments that utilize a pump can be purchased from a medical supply shop. You may also be able to purchase garments directly through your medical provider. If you have been advised to wear this type of garment, you should be fitted. Wearing a compression garment may feel restrictive at first, especially if you are used to wearing loose clothing. However, it is important to be sized for this type of gear since you may be required to wear it for long stints or while performing specific activities. A velcro or zipper closure is usually sewn into a compression garment. This will allow an end-user to wrap an affected body part without needing to struggle to slide the fabric around an arm or a leg.

Compression garments will need to be laundered regularly. Your medical practitioner may suggest that you purchase a dual set of garments. This will ensure that you have a clean garment on hand at all times and will allow plenty of time for you to launder the garment that was previously worn. The pump assembly will detach from each part of a garment and this must be performed, prior to cleaning a sleeve. Contact a company that provides supplies like four-chamber compression leg sleeves for more information.